Monday, August 30, 2010

Son Michael will go to school or General

Sisters who are always hidden from the public when Jacko was still alive, so far undergone upper class private school which is also carried by Paris Hilton and Matthew Perry, as quoted from the sun

The children of the late Michael Jackson will attend public school for the first time in the history of their lives. Paris, Prince Michael and his brother were sent to public school by their grandmother after his grandmother unconscious and protests, "They do not have any friends!"

While the youngest, eight-year-old Blanket will still undergo home schooling, while her brothers attended The Buckley School, California.

Katherine, their grandmother who was given custody of children after Jacko's death, his grandson says it wants to have a normal life.

"They are smart kids. They have been through periods of drowning when his father died and now they are ready to rise again. Prince aspire to be a director and Paris want to be artists,"

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