Monday, April 19, 2010

Sony Ericsson AINO

Sony output technologies must be very good especially the ability to design an electronic device such as games, mobile phones and digital cameras, and this time I talk about the latest sony products output handphone which is named SONY ERICSSON Aino, a unique feature in the sale of his existing remote play, for those who never use portable games like the PSP and PS3 must have known the remote play function.

This feature allows remote play functions as a stick Featuring touch screen controls that can be used as an access console like the PS3 machine, which is on the PS3 can be accessed, organized and easily removable from any location connected over a wireless network (Wi-Fi) local at home or via the internet network.
Although Aino been able to connect to the PS3, but this phone can not be used to control the game from the game running on PS3. Parties Sony Ericsson mobile phone design is not as mobile gaming, but a multimedia phone that has a wide connectivity.
Although in the package are the latest 3D games but it makes you disappointed for game lovers of heavy because of the features the ability to play playstation game on the mobile phone, maybe we can expect another Aino its function type with more capacity.